Breaker Box Cover

As per the reader’s security reasons previously we have always been reluctant on showing how to open the breaker box cover safely to connect circuits safely. Probably there’s always a chance to get shocked accidentally even if you have the power off from mine. But with the clear intention of sharing knowledge on electrical circuit challenges in a breaker box we are presenting our research done over it. Here we will show you the clear and safe way to open a breaker box to connect circuits securely. After it you will be able to open breaker box and wire up the circuit very easily.
In breaker box case opening and installing new circuit is pretty easy task. Need to connect only color-coded wires which are three in number. But precaution before operating on a breaker is very essential otherwise you could kill yourself. It would be better to follow our safety measures to save yourself from any accident. If in any case you find these precautions to be uncomfortable or not understandable please look for a local electrician help.


– First of all gently open the breaker box cover with the use of tester or a screw driver and keep it separate. Cover all the live wire with a hard insulated cardboard or dry wood carefully without touching the large wires and lugs. If you touch them accidentally, it will not be good for you at all. The cardboard shield will help you to stay safe from contact of live wires. If any doubts whether you could handle it or not please contact your local electrician.

Breaker Box Contains:
-Main Lugs : Even if you switch off the main breaker it’s still live, so do not touch them.
– Main Cables : These cables are insulated but for precaution do not touch them.
-Main Breaker: Firstly switches off the breaker before opening the breaker box cover.
-Breaker : Usually red (or black) in a color that connects each circuit to a breaker.
-Breaker Bus : These distributes power from main breaker to circuit breakers.
-Neutral Bus : Earthling wires (neutral) connects here only
-Breaker Space : Extra space given for three breakers in case of emergency. Installation of new breaker can be done in this extra space.

Here you go:
1 First of all get the right tools for breaker box operation like tester (circuit tester) , wire strippers, knife, insulating tape, razor blade, screw driver.
2 Switch off the main breaker. Take a screwdriver and unscrew the four screws gently to remove breaker box cover.
3 Now test breaker screw and neutral bus which should not be showing any reading in a voltage reader. If testing through the tester, the light of tester should not be glowing.
4 Now insert insulated cardboard to stay away from live main lugs and main cables.
5 Now install the breaker forcing slot on to bus carefully. Test and make sure its been done properly.
6 Test the job and remove the insulated cardboard from the breaker box and close the breaker box cover back on it and screw the four holes by assuring it being screwed tight.

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