Breaker Box Cover

As per the reader’s security reasons previously we have always been reluctant on showing how to open the breaker box cover safely to connect circuits safely. Probably there’s always a chance to get shocked accidentally even if you have the power off from mine. But with the clear intention of sharing knowledge on electrical circuit challenges in a breaker box we are presenting our research done over it. Here we will show you the clear and safe way to open a breaker box to connect circuits securely. After it you will be able to open breaker box and wire up the circuit very easily.
In breaker box case opening and installing new circuit is pretty easy task. Need to connect only color-coded wires which are three in number. But precaution before operating on a breaker is very essential otherwise you could kill yourself. It would be better to follow our safety measures to save yourself from any accident. If in any case you find these precautions to be uncomfortable or not understandable please look for a local electrician help.


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Advantages of Dual Screen In-Car DVD Players

Since the demand for entertainment on the road has been growing steadily, many of the new car models come with in-car DVD players as a standard features, but these units are also sold separately and could be mounted on any headrest. They are ideal if you have to take the whole family on a long trip, and work extremely well for keeping your kids on the back seat entertained. There are many makes and models, carrying different features and options, but almost all of the portable DVD players, which were manufactured in the past few years, offer outstanding picture quality and decent audio. Typically, they support most of the popular multimedia file formats, allowing the users to play videos, browse through their vacation photos, or listen to music. Some make use of the wide screen, 16:9 aspect ratio screen format, and have similar control options to the regular DVD players.

The dual screen portable players are also of two kinds – models, which have one main unit and display the same video across both screens, and models with two independent players, allowing two different movies to play at the same time. Typically, they are powered with a car adapter, but some could be powered by batteries or mains adapter, which permits their use while camping or inside the house. The mounts also differ, but the higher-end in-car DVD players come with mounting that allows them to be firmly attached to the front seats’ headrests, which not only ensures better viewing pleasure, but also minimize the risks of injuries in the case of car accidents.

When purchasing a portable DVD player, you should consider a number of additional factors, apart from the supported video and audio file format, the included features, and the price. The most common complaints is of poor audio, so you need to choose model that ensures good sound quality; select one that allows headsets to be used too since this would allow the backseat passengers to stay entertained without destructing the driver. The cabling is also important, as you would not want dozen of tangled cables inside your car, especially if you have small kids in the back, and you should choose an in-car DVD player with remote control if your children are too young and cannot operate it on their own. From the various makes, select one that is well reviewed and liked by most users since it would offer you not only high quality picture and audio, but it is likely that it would outlast the cheaper brands as well.


Auto, Radio Reception Boosters and Antennae

Definition and Introduction

As per Wikipedia, the most reliable source on internet, simple model of antenna works as a transmitter which is used to receive or send the electromagnetic signals. This reception booster captures the electromagnetic waves from environment and converts it into analog signals and vice versa. It makes the antenna or reception booster quite important in radio transmissions – the most common uses of antennae are television broadcasting, radio transmission and wireless technology.

According to applications and technology used – antennae are categorized into two categories:

1. Directional or beam antennae – which are particular and receive from or radiate to a specific direction or pattern.

2. The Omni-directional antennae – which radiate and receive signals from and to all directions, and which are good to use in remote areas. Where signals are arbitrarily or not clear where the radio or transmitting station is at quite distance, or even where there is need to cut costs and where directional antennae are not required.

Automotive Antennae and Boosters

Automotive radio antenna/boosters are useful as they help to improve the radio reception inside our cars. Many people listen to the news in the morning times through car radios as they travel to work or to their daily assignments. Due to their busy schedules, it becomes very convenient listening news while on the go rather than in the house. Most people do not also have time to for the newspaper or television therefore car radio is the most convenient. Others, mainly those in public service transport have no choice, but to catch the latest news while working -ferrying customers from one place to the other. This makes the car radio a very integral and vital part of these people’s lives.

As a result of technological advancements, radios are shunned and in their place CDs, iPods, iPads, and media players are glorified. However, radios are still very useful especially in cars to provide entertainment and up to date information that one would not get easily and conveniently from other media while driving.

The AM & FM Radio

In primitive times, the AM radio was the only technology available. The AM had poor frequency characteristics, limited bandwidth, and sensitivity towards natural and man-made noise, which led to poor transmissions and reception. The introduction of the FM radio brought great improvement in sound systems and frequencies, with dynamic ranges and less noise. Thus, you will find that most automobiles have both AM & FM radio receptions, with the latter been the choice for a majority of people.

However, car radios still continue to have poor reception because most of the radio waves bounces off the surface of cars and interfere with smooth transition, hence the reason most people are looking for radio antenna boosters to boost reception in their vehicles. As a response to this need, many companies and businesses offer these products to the market. However, it is good to be keen to the fact that, as much as the market is flooded with all makes of boosters and antenna’s only a certain number are good quality.

It is important to note that highly priced antennas/boosters do not necessarily mean better quality, while buying cheap could also compromise on the quality. It is very important thing here to focus on the quality despite the price and aim for a middle ground in terms of price, so that you get a quality product within the range of your budget.

Another major contributor to poor automobile radio reception is Location – some areas are simply out of reach of a radio station and the farther one gets from the station, the farther away from good reception. Also, if the car is packed outside tall buildings or inside the basement parking of a building, it could lead to poor reception and interferences.

The Solution

This problems with radio reception in cars, has made it imperative, for car owners who want to enjoy listening radios inside their vehicles, to get good antenna boosters. Once the purchase of the antenna booster has been done, the car owner should then look for an expert to do the wiring and connections of the antenna in vehicle. This way; with the right quality antenna/booster and the expert, the radio reception will improve tremendously. The expert will also help one to identify any malfunctioning with the stock antenna or tuner installed in the car, because if these are of low quality or further repairing required, then despite installing the antenna, the problems will persist.

According to, it is important to abide by the following instructions are followed while changing or installing the antenna booster for your car:

1. Change the car antenna, as an aftermarket antenna could produce high quality reception as compared to the manufacturers.
2. The antenna should be installed as far away from the engine as possible, as the engine’s electrical discharge can cause interference.
3. A signal booster should also be installed with the radio or amplifier to increase range.
4. Install a high-definition radio tuner as it has diversity tuning component that allows one to alter between two antennae depending on their best reception performance at particular moments.
5. Any booster or amplifier should be installed far away from the antenna for avoiding interference between the two, which may lead to low reception.
6. All the route cables should keep away from the engine, power amplifies, power wires and other similar devises.
7. The antenna should be placed at a metal spot that has no paint or corrosion properties, and coat the exposed metal with silicone glue or grease.

In conclusion, it is important to note that the automotive radio antenna or booster is a key component in radio transmission especially in cars, as it allows far better quality and clear communication, and makes the car a very friendly companion for the person driving it. This goes to show that despite the advent of other more advanced means of communication – the iPods, iPads, messengers etc, that the radio remains relevant and there is no indication of it losing its importance in the near future.

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Installing a Car Speaker Could Give Better Listening Experience

A great car speaker will give you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite tunes within the confines of your car. As you may have noticed, there is a difference between the sound qualities of stereo music when played on a standard living room entertainment system and when listened to inside the car. This is because the sound waves just keep on bouncing within the internal structure of a vehicle. It is therefore important that only high quality stereo speakers should be installed in a vehicle to take advantage of a particular car’s good acoustical structure.

For some, the audio system that comes along with every car is good enough for them. However, there are those who prefer to enhance their vehicle’s audio system in order that they would be able to feel the music more earnestly, as well as hear them. Optimizing your vehicle’s audio system is the first step in improving its sound quality. This can be done with the installation of new high quality audio equipment, as well as proper placement of audio systems within the car’s interiors. In a way, you would be customizing your car’s audio system in order for it to produce a richer and fuller sound.

There are many high quality audio speakers available in the market today. They come in many types, sizes and configurations. The three types that can be used in your vehicle are the coaxial, component speaker system, and cone and surround material. The most common among the three is the coaxial speaker. Car manufacturers usually install at least two pairs of this type in new cars. It usually consists of a midrange cone woofer with a tweeter mounted directly on top of it. The resulting sound is a typically low to midrange reverberation from the mid-woofer and a high frequency sound reproduction from the tweeter.

A component car speaker system, on the other hand, includes separate tweeters, midrange woofers, as well as crossover filter networks. Except for the fact that they are contained in different casings, they follow the same principles applied by the coaxial system. The tweeters function in the same way like in those mounted ones in coaxial systems, except that they are connected to the crossover filter network.

Cone and surrounds audio systems typically consist of quality midrange and bass drivers that are made either from paper, paper composites and laminates, or plastic materials like polypropylene or fiber-filled polypropylene. This particular type features a high strength to weight ratios, which gives them the capability to be relatively resistant to bending whenever a large excursion occurs.

Vehicle manufacturers have already realized the significance of a good car speaker system in the last few decades. This is why there are some new cars today that feature state-of-the-art surround sound system. If you want your car stereo system to produce a good quality sound output, then customizing its speakers would definitely help a lot.

Learn more about car speakers by reading car speaker reviews by technology specialist – Suzie Sanchez.

In Car Camera Systems Should Help to Lower Your Insurance Premimum

According to the Automobile Association (the AA), average car insurance premiums have increased by over 30% in 2011 with insurance for 17-22 year olds increasing by 47% on average. The sharp increase in vehicle insurance premiums means that many drivers simply can’t afford to drive or own a vehicle.

One key reason for insurance premium increases is the rise in ‘cash for crash’ fraudulent claims. Some drivers are now unlawfully benefiting from staging accidents or purposely causing accidents. These fraudulent drivers then benefit from insurance payouts, which in turn drive up the cost of insurance premiums for honest and law abiding citizens.

In light of this fraud there is now a new technology available to honest drivers, which are commonly known as in car camera systems. These small cameras are fitted to the windscreen of the vehicle and record the road ahead, inside the car or even out of the rear of the vehicle and provide the driver with vital evidence should they become involved in an accident. Some systems even record the vehicle speed, GPS location and G-forces of the vehicle with an accelerometer to display the exact forces of the vehicle before, during and after a crash. What’s more these devices can be bought for as little as £190.

The benefit of such technology is that a driver can quickly submit the evidence of an accident claim to their insurance company. Without this vital evidence it can take up to six weeks or more to assign fault when two drivers are arguing over the accident.

The main costs caused when investigating and deciding fault are:
Hire cars for the duration of the decision before fault is decidedFurther cost of hire vehicles once fault is decidedVehicles off the road with potential loss of earnings for both parties

Many drivers who have been caught out in a ‘cash for crash’ accident suffer even more severe losses. In these circumstances the drivers are often forced to directly suffer insurance loss, and can lose their no claims. Once the time comes to renew their policy these ‘crash for cash’ victims are then forced to pay higher insurance premiums and are at risk of not being able to get insured again.

Insurance companies have known about these ‘black box’ type of systems for many years (since 2002) now with Aviva launching their ‘Pay as you Drive’ scheme based on these types of systems.

What shocks the every day driver is that insurance companies don’t openly offer any saving to drivers using in car cameras. This is surprising as there are clear benefits of using the in car camera systems

If a CCTV system can help to lower buildings insurance, why can’t a camera in a car do the same?? More action is needed from insurance companies.

If they offer savings to drivers, more drivers will use these devices, which will help to enhance road safety, will prevent dishonest drivers from abusing their insurance policies and which will in turn help to lower car and vehicle insurance premiums once again.

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How to Choose the Best Car Stereo System

With so many stereo systems available on the market for cars, it can be a confusing task to choose one that is most suitable. Here are a few tips to help you.


There are several relevant magazines, journals and Internet resources that can provide ample material for your research. See what the experts have to say about the various brands available. Understand what the various features of each system is and see which one fits in with what you are looking for. While well recognised brands, such as Sony car stereo may be a bit more expensive, the high quality and longer life may be well worth the slightly extra price tag. This isn’t however to say that there aren’t cheap stereo systems for cars that don’t offer a decent quality. It really depends on what you want out of your system.


Once you’ve done your research and narrowed your options down, it would be well worth your while to visit a car stereo shop, and actually listen to how a few car stereo systems sound. If you need to, visit a few shops to hear all the systems on your short list. Remember you will have to pair the system with appropriate speakers and choose a set that is suitable for your particular car shape and size. Car stereo store personnel would be able to make suitable recommendations. Once you’ve listened to a few car stereo systems, it will be much easier to make a choice.

Choose an Appropriate System

Making your final choice should depend on what you are personally looking for. If you want a good quality system that will last for a few years, Sony car stereo may be a good value for money choice. If on the other hand you want a temporary system, because you plan to buy a new car shortly, cheap car stereo may be more suitable. Some systems are suitable for particular types of music, so if you mainly listen to one genre of music, find out which type of system would be most appropriate. Make sure that the system you choose is easy to operate. This is important, especially since you will be using it while driving, and you don’t want something that is going to divert your attention, simply because it requires a lot of operations for simple tasks.So when you buy appropriate system you should follow some important points.

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Why Sony Xplod Is the Best Car Stereo System for You

Sony is one of the largest manufacturers of electronics and consumer products. Their products are known for their quality and convenience. They have produced a number of quality car audio systems, which provide an enhanced listening experience, making your drives pleasurable. The Sony Xplod range of car stereo systems offers cutting edge features based on the latest sound technology. Here are some great reasons to buy a Sony Xplod stereo system for your car.

Compatibility/ Connectivity

The Sony Xplod systems connect easily with digital music players. You can hook up your iPod with your car stereo and enjoy the superior sound quality. You don’t need to rely on CDs or MP3s which only have a limited number of songs. With this car stereo, you can have thousands of songs at your disposal every time you go out for a drive. It is like having your very own song library, a song for every occasion.

Sound Quality

With the stereo, you get a whole range of speakers, including subwoofers, tweeters and all that jazz. The system offers surround sound enhancing the experience of listening to music while on the road. The speakers are the some of the best in Sony’s repertoire and the amplifiers ensure that you get the sound quality you have been looking for.

Ease of Use

Providing such a high quality does not make the Sony Xplod hard to operate. The features are designed for basic users and within a short space of time, you will be able to control your system without any hassle. A great thing about this system is that you will discover the major features and functionalities at first use.

Satellite Radio

The Xplod sound systems offer adapters that provide you access to satellite radio. The FM adapters come with the unit and you can easily tune in to all your favorite radio stations. As mentioned above, there is a large amount of content at your convenience. Sometimes this can make it difficult to decide what you want to listen to!

Noise Level

The sound quality ensures that you can listen to music at very high volume. You will get four 52 Watt speakers to boost the noise level inside your car. With no glitches, you will be treated to clear and crisp sounds even if you turn up the volume, which ensures that your ears don’t suffer as a result of the loud music.


One of the best things about the Sony Xplod is that it is extremely easy to install. If you follow the user manual or guide which you get in the box, you can work out the mechanics yourself without much hassle. There are detailed instructions for you to follow and you can’t do much wrong when everything is illustrated in front of you.

These are some of the reasons why buying the Sony Xplod will prove to be a great decision. If you are looking for a premier music experience in your car, then you cannot get a better stereo system than the Xplod.

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The Best Way to Buy Car Subwoofers

If loud and thumping music is what attracts you immediately, you will surely love to have the same in your car. You can get amazing sound with bass beating loudly all around by adding car subwoofers. Let’s find out the best way to buy subwoofers for your car without any compromise in quality and price.

Things to be considered

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind before you buy a subwoofer. Consider your personal taste and preference for the music that you listen to. If the music has a lot of bass element in it, you may require relatively larger car subwoofers. Also decide the placement of the subwoofer in your car before you buy them. It generally depends on the size of your car. For instance; if you have a small car it leaves you with only a few options for the placement of the subwoofers. Another thing to keep in mind is the amount you are ready to pay for the car electronics.

Variety of Subwoofers

There is a wide range of subwoofers available in the market. You have to pick the one that suits your taste. You can go for a powered or a passive woofer. Powered subwoofers have a built in amplifier and so it can deliver a better sound as compared to a passive ones which are driven by the car amplifiers. You can find car woofers in many sizes for instance 8, 10, 12 inches and so on. You can choose the size according to your preference and the placement of the subwoofer. Also you should check if the car subwoofers are matched with the car stereo system to give the best output. Also keep in mind the kind of enclosures and the surrounds you choose for the sub-woofers.

Best place to buy

Best place to buy car woofers is from a place that sells car stereo and related products. You can find these in a store or a web portal that sells products such as car stereo systems, car amplifiers, car sub woofers and so on. If you plan to buy from an online store, check the description of the amplifier carefully. Depending upon the budget you have set aside for your subwoofer you can go in for cheap car subwoofers or the ones that are high in quality. You can compare the prices of different brands of electronic system available on the net and decide accordingly. Make sure to buy from a reliable dealer to avoid any inconvenience latter on.

Hope that all the above insights will help you find the best system for your car. You have installed new woofers in your car. So, thump away in the pulsating music beats.

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Where to Mount Your Car Amps

There are several places in your car to install your car amps. You can usually be mounted with just 4 screws. The screws you use will depend on what you are screwing into, wood, metal, etc. You do want to mount your car amp at least 3 feet away from your receiver though to eliminate the chance of receiving any interference in your receiver. Making sure your stereo equipment is securely mounted can help eliminate shorts and other problems with your stereo.

So where do you want to install your car amps?

1) Under the front seat

Mounting an amplifier under the front seat can be a safe and secure for your car amplifier. Another advantage of installing your amp under the front seat is that you can run much shorter patch cables to your amp. It is also nice because it will be out of the way.

An obvious disadvantage of mounting a car amplifier under a seat is that you will have to remove the seat to install the amp. Sometimes removing the seat can deactivate the air bag SRS system in your car. As with any time you work on a cars electrical system you will want to make sure to connect the cars negative battery terminal. Another disadvantage of mounting your car amps under the front seat is that only smaller amps will fit under the seat.

2) In the trunk or hatch of your car

A common place to install your car amps is in the trunk or hatch. The advantage of mounting amplifiers in the trunk is you have much more space in the trunk for larger amps. It is also closer to your sub and rear speakers. The trunk is also can be a good place to conceal your amps so you can keep them safe from unwanted eyes.

The disadvantage of installing your amp in the trunk is that you have to run longer RCA cables and usually longer power wires. Having longer power wires usually means you need a thicker wire. Be sure to research to make sure you use the right size cable for your amps. Another disadvantage of mounting your amp is that it can get in the way when it is mounted in the trunk.

One thing you want to keep in mind is that car amps can produce lots of heat. This is one thing you will want to consider when choosing where to mount your amp. The amps cooling fins will need some space to disperse the heat. Giving the amps a couple of inches is enough space to help keep your amp cool. Never mount your amp upside down. This will make the heat radiate back up into the amplifier making it very hot. Make sure you also leave adequate room for the wires coming out of the amp as well.

If you are mounting car amps on a vehicle floor or panel you will want to make sure you know exactly what is on the other side of the panel you are screwing or drilling into. You do not want to screw into a brake or gas line, or even into your gas tank.

A lot of times you can install your car amps on the back or top of your subwoofer box. This can be very convenient if you take your car amps and subwoofers out of your trunk or hatch to make room for other items on a regular basis. Before starting your install is to make a plan before you start. Never rush your install giving yourself plenty of time to install your car amps and subwoofers.

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You Deserve The Best Car Stereo Amps

You need to know that if you decide to invest in car stereo amps, the sound in your car will improve dramatically. You need to know that it is imperative to choose the best amps where you will get the best sound for your money. You need to know that when it comes to car amps you need to shop around and gain some additional information prior to making a final decision. At the end of the day it is going to be within your best interest to try and find the best deal possible because if you do, you will be able to enjoy the many wonderful benefits that car stereo amps have to offer you.

You may want to find out the exact type of power that your speakers need to make use of. You may also want to find out the RMS rating which is the constant power. It may be within your best interest to know the exact peak rating. This is actually the maximum amount of power that the speakers are able to receive in one period. If you are not sure exactly how all of this works, do not despair because you can always learn the stuff which you need to in order to ensure that when you do invest in car stereo amps, you get the best that there is on the market for the money which you have available. You need to know that the ratings are actually measures in watts. You may not be aware of it but the amp output is also measured in terms of watts. If finances are a problem for you, which is understandable in today’s day and age, if you don’t have big amounts of extra cash to spend on stereo amps, then you could always consider the option of buying used ones. You could also take a look at the Kenwood range as they are a very reputable company that has a very good name within the industry. If you search around you may be able to find cheap amps which also provides you with decent quality at the same time.

You may also want to work out exactly where in your car; you are planning to put the amp. It also is highly suggested that before you go and look at car stereo amps, you should actually measure the area of the car where you intend putting the amps in order to write down the dimensions and take it with you on paper to the store. You may also want to try and record as much technical information with regard to your cars current stereo and speakers in order to be able to tell the salesman exactly what you need and exactly what you are dealing with. It is better to take some time and effort in order to understand what you are dealing with, prior to just buying without knowing much. This will ultimately benefit you more at the end of the day.